The easy solution for gap teeth

Gap teeth are common. And you don’t have to hide them when you smile. They can be easily treated with invisible aligners with results in an average of 6 months.

What are gap teeth?

Teeth gaps come in all shapes and sizes. Gaps can be found on the top teeth, on the bottom teeth and even between molars. Some gaps are small, and others are large and more noticeable. If your gap teeth are bothering you, you can look to close it.

Why are gap teeth important to fix?

If left untreated, gap teeth can:
• Increase the risk of plaque deposits that lead to tooth decay, bad breath and even tooth loss;
• Cause crowding in neighbouring teeth, causing a misaligned bite;
• Cause people to be self-conscious when smiling.

Can clear aligners fix gap teeth?

Yes. They can close teeth gaps with a series of clear, removable BPA-free aligners that fit over the teeth. Get custom-made aligners that are made by our team of orthodontists. To ensure fast and effective results they are changed every two weeks to move gap teeth into the desired position.

Gap teeth cases we’ve treated

How aligners work

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Step three

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